Sascha Riaz

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Government
Harvard University

At Harvard, I am affiliated with The Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), The Center for European Studies (CES), and The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. I hold masters degrees in Statistics (2020) and International Relations (2017).


Working Papers

  1. Media Monopolies Increase Misperceptions about Immigration: Evidence from German Local Newspapers (with Hanno Hilbig). R&R, British Journal of Political Science. [Abstract]  
  2. Freedom of Movement Restrictions Inhibit the Social Integration of Refugees (with Hanno Hilbig). R&R, Journal of Politics. [Abstract]  
  3. Out-group Threat and Xenophobic Hate Crimes — Evidence of Local Intergroup Conflict Dynamics between Immigrants and Natives (with Daniel Bischof and Markus Wagner). [Abstract]  
  4. Refugee Labor Market Access Increases Support for Migration (with Anselm Hager and Hanno Hilbig). [Abstract]  
  5. Citizen Demands and Strategic Responsiveness in Autocratic Regimes - Evidence from the German Democratic Republic (with Hans Lueders and Hanno Hilbig). [Abstract]  
  6. Local Newspaper Decline and Political Polarization (with Fabio Ellger, Hanno Hilbig, and Philipp Tillmann) [Abstract]  
  7. World War I, Nationalism, and the Rise of the Nazi Party (with Felix Haass, Alexander De Juan, Carlo Koos, and Thomas Tichelbaecker).

Ongoing Projects


Introduction to Data Science (Instructor: David Kane, Fall 2019)

Quantitative Social Science Methods I (Instructor: Gary King, Fall 2020)

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